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Aluminum Composite Panel

A new type of building materials

1, Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
2, Fireproof Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel
3, wood vein panel
With fluo-carbon resin (PVDF) rolling roasting painting on the front layer, its weather resistance is over 20 years without change of color.


The front side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with roasting painted fluoro-carbon resin (PVDF) or polyester resin (PE).
Core: nontoxic polyethylene
The back side: aluminum alloy sheet coated with polyester resin painting
Surface finish: treated with PVDF and PE resin rolling roasting coated
Surface coating thickness: 30um
Aluminum alloy sheet thickness: 0.1mm, 0.12mm, 0.15mm, 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.45mm, 0.5mm


Thickness: 3mm, 4mm
Width: 1,220mm, 1250mm
Length: 2,440mm, 3,050mm, 3,200mm (max: 5 meter)
Weight: 5.5kg/m2 based on 4mm thickness
Standard size: 1,220 x 2,440mm
4mm/800 pieces in 20'container, 3mm/1,000 pieces in 20' container
Nonstandard sizes are available according to customer's requirements

Good features

1, Smooth & flawless surface.
2, High strength and light weight.
3, Unparalleled forming characteristic
4, Durable and luxurious surface coating
5, Simple and easy to process and install
6, Outstanding characteristic of fireproof

Scope of applications

Used in decorating curtain wall of building, furnishing both outside and inside walls, decorating wallboard of tunnels, indication board, front wall and the bodies of automobiles, ships and machines, also used as industrial materials.
Other kinds of buildings as an ideal decorative materials for:
Kitchen cabinets, billboards, signboards, tunnel, subway interiors
Ceilings, eaves, galleries, balconies, partitions, interior decorations
Telephone booths, vehicle bodies, yachts, industrial usage and more

Project examples

1, Capital International Airport
2, Shanghai Pudong Airport
3, CCTV Building in Beijing
4, International Golf Club in Harbin
5,State Control Center of Power & Communication Network